Awareness talks

We do awareness talks in workplaces, schools. Currently only in the Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside areas and also talks anywhere via zoom or Microsoft meet


Testicular cancer and men's cancer health awareness.

Testicularcanceruk.com (checkemlads charity) was set up in 2004 by Phil Morris while on chemotherapy. At that time he was frustrated that there had been no awareness of testicular cancer presented to him which would have encouraged him to check his testicles.

He did not know that testicular cancer mostly found in men under 40 and also there was no support for men going through most cancers. checkemlads.com was set up to spread more awareness be it online or with talks in the workplace.

Phil is an ex-soldier he started doing army bases across the country and not long after was invited by schools, workplaces and clubs to do cancer awareness sessions.

He was awarded a David Cameron award for services to cancer and awareness in 2015.

The talks are very laid back and the audience enjoys them but they do learn to take it seriously and they do rethink their health after they have left.

the talks include

Testicular cancer, how to check and what to do if you find something

Skin cancer symptoms and the importance of sun safety

bowel cancer and the symptoms

Male hormones and what they do and how they are important in daily life

prostate cancer symptoms

At the end of the session, Phil talks about Mental health and encourages men to speak to a doctor and to not be embarrassed by male health.

The session is pretty unique as it is presented by a survivor and is presented with passion.

ZOOM and Meeting presentations also used.

Talks today in the Cunard , Smurfit kapp
Talks today in the Cunard , Smurfit kapp
testicular cancer salford fc
smurfitt kappa testicular cancer talk