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Testicular and common cancer Awareness talks

Please be aware we can not travel outside the North West at the moment for face-to-face talks unless a fee is paid. Please understand we have to take days off to do talks and the bills mount up!

Would you like a laid-back award-winning but informative online or face-to-face cancer awareness talk? Hosted by former soldier and founder of testicular cancer UK Phil Morris MBE who has had testicular cancer, and chemotherapy twice over 18 years. This award-winning presentation can be done over Zoom or MS Meeting.

We are trusted by many establishments to return year after year such as

The ministry of defence

The royal logistic corps

The royal grammar High Wycombe

Cardinal Heenan school

HM Customs and excises 

Sandhurst military academy 

Robbie Fowler football academy

Salford City FC

Many factories and workplaces

`The talks cover Testicular, bowel, and skin cancer and also how testicles work and what they do!. 

We also cover mental health and why men should seek help.

Perfect for men and women to join in. 

Phil Morris has been advising patients for 18 years about testicular cancer and having had cancer and a lot of chemo over the years with the mental battle of cancer he knows how to get these important messages across.

Passionate, funny, hard-hitting but fun!.

All you need is a computer and a screen with sound!!

All online talks are FREE but of course, a donation would be fantastic!


Dave roper Royal navy

Andrew Allen

vice principle  

Robbie flower academy

A great hard hitting talk that did not scare anyone

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 13.24.46.png

A Great 'Lived Experience' Presentation Philly & Ian


Honest, Personal, Hard-Hitting, Informative, Interesting & Inspiring.

testicular cancer salford fc
Talks today in the Cunard , Smurfit kapp
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