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Charlie Osgood


My Story

Hello all. I thought I’d let you know about my cancer journey over the last 5 months.

I would like to firstly take the time to thank each and everyone of those who have helped me through this I Love you all.

If this can inspire and/or help others then please feel free to share.

Back on Friday 9th April 2021 I woke up early morning for work with a pain and found a lump in my right testicle.

On the same day I rushed to the doctors who informed me it could’ve been an STD and advised me to go to a sexual health clinic.

So I did with an appointment on Monday 12th 2021 and had urine + blood taken and then the Dr said it was neither a cyst or a STD so at this point you could imagine the fright.

On Monday 19th April 2021 I had an appointment at Northwick Park Hospital with a consultant who was worried about the Lump I had found. So He booked me in for an ultrasound the day after.

So now Tuesday 20th April 2021 and time to have my ultrasound. I was Very nervous! I asked the Dr to give me a nod if its bad which he did so even before this point I knew my news wasn’t good!

With the ultrasound done I now had a new appointment to see the consultant on the Monday 26th April 2021 that I went to with my sister.

Sadly this was when we received the news that it was Testicular Cancer that had also spread to my Lymph nodes in my abdomen so now stage 2. My sister and I were then greeted with a MacMillan Nurse who spoke to us all about the cancer.

The consultant then spoke to us about the next steps in this long process.

Fast forward to Saturday 8th May 2021, this was the date of my operation at Central Middlesex Hospital to have the Right Testicle removed. My mother, sister and I waited outside in a queue with others waiting to go in. Was a very stressful feeling just waiting to go in and be seen.

I was first one in to go under the Knife! The Nurse and Surgeon were really helpful at keeping me calm as I am petrified of Needles and was so scared of what I had to come.

Once I woke up from the Op I was in a lot of pain! A muscle pain if anything that left me unable to twist my lower and upper half. Once able to walk and urinate my Father and Sister picked me up. Was a difficult drive home that any bump in the road was killer!

The next 5 days I was only able to sleep on the sofa and was unable to get myself up the stairs! Many sleepless nights and constant need to pee.

Only three days after my operation on Tuesday 11th May 2021 I was at Mount Vernon Hospital to meet my Consultants to discuss my chemotherapy Treatment.

Wednesday 19th May 2021 I had a PICC Line inserted into my right arm next to my bicep that has a lead that runs through your vein 43cm long towards the heart. (By far the worse pain I had to deal with through my ordeal).

Monday 24th May 2021 was the day my Chemotherapy Started. I arrived at the doors of the Ward at 9:00 with my Mum and sister. That was a hard goodbye as I would not see them for a week.

My Chemotherapy I had is Called B.E.P and is injected through a little machine through the PICC line in my arm.

My chemotherapy consisted off staying in from Monday-Friday and come in for the next 2 Mondays after that. I had to repeat this 3 times over so 9 weeks of chemo in total!

On the first Monday I would receive 4 bags of chemo 3 being 1litre bags and 1 small 100ML bag. Tuesday- Friday I would have 3 1litre bags. The two single visit Mondays I would have 1 100ml bag. So over the nine weeks that’s 51 bags In total.

Everyday Throughout my Chemotherapy I had to have blood thinner injections and after each week in three days worth of white blood cell injections.

Through out the Chemotherapy I became so weak and was wasting away. Lost a Stone of weight within a week and couldn’t eat. At this point I just ate! I forced myself to and managed to keep all of it down and somehow have not been sick once through all of this. Within two weeks my hair and beard had already fallen out leaving me very self conscious as I didn’t recognise the person under the hair.

Monday 19th July 2021 was the Last Day of my Chemotherapy which was a relief to say the least! And the Picc line was removed afterwards which was so painful but I had tears of relief !

I returned back to the hospital on Thursday 19th August 2021 for a CT scan and blood tests! My consultant said that my last CT scan and this one would see no difference! But he was wrong.

Tuesday 31st august 2021 I saw my Consultant for a check up appointment and to my surprise she opened up her folder to tell me that I was Cancer Free! I looked over at my Mum and Dad but they wouldn’t look my way as I was already in tears! I couldn’t believe it! As the three of us came out I quickly FaceTimed my Partner who was over the moon and we were then greeted with my Step Mum, Brother and Sister who were ecstatic at the News!

Now I’m battling with the after effects of Chemotherapy such as. Balance, eye sight, lack of sensation in my hands and feet. Overall weakness, fatigue, failing to carry out simple tasks.

Though my consultant told me it would take up to a year before I’m my normal self again! I want to beat those odds!

The last picture is of today Wednesday 22nd September 2021

If you’ve made it this far thank you for taking time out of your day for reading my story! I appreciate it!

“I’m here for a good time not a long time”

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