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Founder & CEO

Phil a former British army soldier first had testicular cancer in 2004 and went through diagnosis and chemotherapy feeling alone with no support, even just a pat on the back or someone to ask a few questions when needed. This lead to depression and personal; problems. He decided to offer emotional support to men and their families so they could talk about their fears, ask questions and have a friend who understood how it feels to go through testicular cancer. 

He also wanted to spread awareness across social media which has only just begun. there was at the time no Facebook to twitter and knew that soon a man diagnosed could just email, ring or even join an online forum.

His cancer returned in 2015 and Phil had to undergo far more chemotherapy. He was wanting to finish this work and try to concentrate on other things but the recurrence made him realise he still needed 

He man's the helpline and online support group with some amazing survivors and undertakes many schools and public awareness talks via Zoom or face-to-face including the armed forces.

Awarded the MBE from the Queens in 2021 and attended his investiture with King Charles in 2023

There are many testicular cancer campaigns now but testicular cancer UK is still one of the only ones that offer support 24/7 and concentrate on support and mental health 

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Testicular cancer SUPPORT GROUP

Online private testicular cancer support forum hosted on Facebook. You can join and post privately. Run by a great bunch of survivors and men currently going through it.

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Image by Klim Musalimov

Phone advice

You can phone Philly who can offer advice on testicular cancer, have a chat about treatments and even just get things off your chest, he knows how important it is to have someone to talk to

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