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Sharon and her son Robert's story
Sharon's facebook group

Sharon  is a remakable lady and with lots of perseverance got her son Robert treated, but its obvious that there are barriers for men and boys with learning dificulties .

When Sharon first joined out support group and told us how Roberts condition ( Fragile X syndrome) would make it very hard to even have a ct scan then i knew it would be impossible to have the standard BEP regime of chemotherapy, and i felt ashamed that i could not offer any sort of real guidence to alternatives. This is why i told her to contact Dr Shammash and Prof Einhorn and it did open doors.

The treatment for testicular cancer is long days on chemotherapy and obviously the sickness and side effects but one of the main problems is Robert needs sedation even just for blood tests.

Sharon maybe has come up with a blue print which she found had been used before in treatments for young men with learning difucluties but she had to go and find it!.

Sharon said that her son Robert does have health assessments but testicles are not checked, should these checks be included for men and also breast checks for females?.

It could be a good start , finding cancer early can prevent long treatments and the problems Sharon and Robert faced .

Awareness is key, 

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