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Testicular cancer questions

yes it can get confusing 

How survivable is Testicular cancer?

95 percent of men are still alive after 5 years. Almost all go on to have normal lives. The men who have extensive chemo can have some mild problems but its rare. The medical world uses "5 years" as a benchmark, it's not anything more than that.

Can i still have children after cancer?

Yes, almost all men go on to have children after cancer naturally. It can cause some problems such as low sperm count and ejaculation problems if you have operations in the area  but on the whole, most are fine. A small amount of men about 1 out of 50 unfortunately may need to use IVF post cancer.It is advised that you wait a year after if you have the extensive BEP chemo. Sperm banking will be offered just in case. Unfortunately, some hospitals may charge you for this service BUT you can fight your corner. 

Why does it take so long to get results and diagnosis?

Most survivors will admit they found waiting for appointments and results when they were first diagnosed a hard time. We expect that if you are told you have cancer that you are in the hospital the next day and prodded and poked non-stop urgently. In most cases of cancer including Testicular cancer it can be a slow process and you may not see your oncologist for up to 6 weeks after your testicle is removed. Remember you may have had cancer unknowingly for a while so its just a bit more time before you start treatment. 

After chemo, are there long term health problems?

The more chemo you have the chances of side effects and some long term problems can happen. There is research and from talking to survivors over the years that problems with neuropathy (pins and needles) in hands and feet. Also sensitive hearing and some hearing loss. Most men feel they have a lack of energy and all round fatigue for some time after. It is important that you make your GP and oncologist aware of any problems post-cancer.  More evidence now points towards a drop in testosterone levels which can cause some of these side effects and problems, BUT in all most men go on to have a normal life, it can take a while but eating healthy, exercise will always help.

Can cancer come back in my other testicle?

Yes, it's rare but its important that you check once a month. Its more common in men who had seminoma the first time around than non-seminoma. Our advice is to check once a month and carry on with your life. In almost all cases of cancer returning in the other testicle, the figures of survival are still in the high 90 percent. You will have to have the testicle removed and also have testosterone replacement and yes worry, scans and tests on follow up's, but in all most men go on to live a happy life.

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