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testicular cancer corporate sponsorship 2023

testicular cancer logo.png

Testicular cancer UK is looking for corporate sponsorship so we can carry on our work supporting men with testicular cancer and spreading awareness across the UK.

why we need your help

Our website is world-renowned and has many thousands of visits per year. The information and videos are a great resource for men and their families and loved ones.

Our helpline is used by many men to get information and guidance.

We also pay for testicular cancer awareness adverts to be placed on men's social medial timelines so they can learn about testicular cancer symptoms and how to check their testicles.

We also travel around the country to do brilliant awareness talks in schools, army bases, and workplaces which as you can imagine can cost a lot of money to do.

Your logo and information can be added to our award-winning talks and all our social media posts. Please get in touch

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