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fAMILY and partners

Some men who get diagnosed with Testicular cancer can go very inward and not research or talk about how they feel.


Mums, family, partners, and friends will worry and want to research and help as much as they can.


We hear many stories that when a loved one tries to talk to their son or partner that they don't want to talk and can get angry and push them away. Please don't feel that it's anything you have done, it's a well-known reaction.


You may find them more snappy and get angry a lot easier, please don't think this is personal, stress and worry can and do this. Sometimes it's best to just let them calm down, have a cup of tea and maybe forget about it for a bit.


You can show them our films or tell them about the support group but if they don't show interest please do not feel that they are not grateful for your help.


Everyone deals with it differently, there is no wrong or right way in truth, But this website and our support group are for EVERYONE so please feel free to join.






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