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Glenn Rice

“I was diagnosed with stage 1 seminoma on Mr. Rightside in April 2021, thankfully with no spread. The average age is 28 years old, and I had only turned 28 in January of the same year, so in my case this was spot on! 
The symptom I had was just that I noticed my testicle had become slightly larger and firm all over. The time between the day I called my GP and the orchidectomy was 10 days (and 3 of those were just because I had to self isolate). Unbelievably speedy work from the NHS, which just shows how the work of this charity has helped bring the awareness up. 
I wasn’t aware of Checkemlads/Testicular Cancer UK until I was looking for a charity to raise money for when I decided to shave my head before my 1 cycle of chemo. After speaking to Phil I quickly realised what a wonderfully supportive man he was, always messaging me to check on how I was doing, and even helping my girlfriend when she had questions about my mood swings. 
The website is full of great facts and reassuring information that truly became something I could lean on when I wasn’t sure where to turn. If you’re reading this and you’re going through a potential diagnosis, you are not alone and this makes you no less of a man just for losing a testicle.
Attached is a photo from after I shaved my hair off.” 

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