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Testicular cancer uk survivors

Testicular cancer UK (checkemlads) was set up in 2003 when Phil Morris MBE was halfway through testicular cancer treatment. Although Phil was a former soldier he found that he was going through this cancer alone, putting on a brave face for everyone but behind closed doors and alone he found it mentally and physically hard. 

Having someone to talk to who had maybe been through it and could understand how he was feeling might have helped him be more positive and understand how it would feel on chemo, ct scans and waiting for results.

A website and forum were set up that men could go to and talk to each other and they could ask questions and not feel alone. All men even when they say they are ok are actually scared and worried but feel they have to

Phil wanted to change that, a safe place to make friends and offer advice to men and their loved ones to try and make the journey a bit easier!.

Friendship and support are our priority with the forum and helpline but we also do awareness talks across the country in schools, army babes and workplaces. Recently with the development of Zoom, we now do many online awareness sessions. This year alone we have done over 35 talks online and travelled across the UK to army bases and sixth forum collages. Our talks are fun but hard-hitting, we don't just cover testicular cancer but other symptoms of cancer in young men. Mental health is covered and also we teach men how to ring and speak to a doctor, Yes most men Don't Know how to do that!!

We are very proud of our online videos that offer advice, interviews with men who've been through testicular cancer and we are also the first to raise awareness of hormone health after testicular cancer.

We are well respected worldwide, some NHS doctors and nurses give our details to men diagnosed.

We need donations because we pay for awareness adverts to be placed on social media which men will see as they scroll through. Also, the donations help with travel as we do our talks to young men in schools and army bases etc.

Man UP!

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