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Meeting with NHS Cancer to talk about hormone testing before testicular cancer issues.

After many attempts with MP's and letters, and emails over the years, i managed to get a meeting with two ladies from NHS cancer regarding adding a simple blood test which records our hormone levels before they remove the testicle. The reason is straightforward and would have a significant impact on long-term health.

If a man and the health professionals have a record of his testosterone, FSH and other male hormones before they remove the testicle or testicles then it can show if a man with testicular cancer if hormones drop dramatically after, sudden lower testosterone in such a short period that usually takes 30 years to reduce by age can lead to an illness called hypogonadism to which the effects can be negative to health, physically and mentally.

A simple blood test, that's all. There is lots of research and I've been spreading the word for many years, luckily with some pushing men do get treated but it a minefield and of course, they have not got a record of their levels pre losing a testicle

The meeting,

The first meeting planned got cancelled 15 minutes before, but that's ok, I understand they can be busy as the NHS must be under great strain and talking to the charity/person doing most of the awareness, support and education have to be pushed aside.

Reschedules for the week after

It was meant to be with a lady called Becky and Jodie Moffat who is the Deputy Director, of Policy and Strategy for cancer. So I logged into teams and Becky was there, she was very nice but no sign of Jodie Moffat with no explanation or apology, I understand they can be busy as the NHS must be under great strain and talking to the charity/person doing most of the awareness, support and education are not important.....

i had sent over two PDF reports about what I would like to talk about for my 30-minute slot. I'm not sure anyone had actually read them as I had to explain it all again. PDF of what sent is below this post by the way.

So I've tried my best. Not sure it will get anywhere. I got the impression it was not something she could do anything about.

I'll see how this plays out, if not I might just have to get thousands of survivors together and go down the legal route,

Don't get me wrong, she was very nice but sorry, I'm not when it comes to men's health going through testicular cancer,

This is not 9 TO 5 for us, its a life

PDF of what i sent attached

Download PDF • 1.93MB

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