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Testicular cancer stories

Below are some stories from testicular cancer survivors, OR you could watch our video interviews by clicking the button below

Ryan Farington

Hey, chaps! Stage 2c testicular cancer of the right testicle with spread to lymph nodes and stomach. 14mm tumor. Testicle removed and 3x bep at clatterbridge hospital. Diagnosed August 2013 and currently 6 years all clear. Gone on to have beautiful girl whos now 3 called Alyssa. I love to think I've helped as many people as I can in the last year, it's been hard as a few I've helped we have sadly lost 🙏🏼here's a pic of me now....Ryan 👊🏻

Ian Merrington


The times of initial diagnosis, and then reoccurrence a few months after surgery that required chemotherapy, were some of the darkest in my life; fear, uncertainty, worry, just a grim time. Finding this group and the support, encouragement, and experience offered helped massively. I felt supported at every step, no question went unanswered, and it felt like I had a winning team in my corner while I took on a huge fight. Checkemlads is one of the most positive and helping groups you could find 👊👊👊 I’m now through the other side and doing my best to raise awareness and lend support in the way I received it.


Peter Booker

Still here 37 years on 1982 was not a good year but though i had to endure 4 cycles of chemo 3 blood transfusions endless trips to Weston Park and endless trips to Leeds for my scans as there no scanners in North Derbyshire at the time I have come through it and entering 2020 can look forward to my 60th birthday and both my kids getting married cant ask for anything else. The pic is me a couple of months after finishing treatment away in Blackpool a surprise my then-girlfriend Anne arraigned and now my wife of 32 years.


John Kilcoyne

Stage 1 seminoma right side ugly man fruit removal august 2014. Went straight onto close monitoring no radio or chemo, ct's and bloods every 3 months then lengthened out after 12 months. 5 year all clear and sign off this August. Every post i read made it easier to make sense of and still does. Keep scrapping fellas and shout outs to our nearest and dearest for putting up with us! 😘


Paul James Brewer

Whilst in my second year of university whilst on summer break I found a lump! That lump turned out to be a yolk cell tumour had that right one removed and followed by 3 sessions of BEP chemo at the Churchill in Oxford! Came back to uni and to my local pub once given the all clear in December 2008 to be told by my best mate had I joined the band? 
Now 11 years all clear and this group has been so helpful to chat and find information that’s really helped!


Graham Hurst

Lost righty , Five sessions of Chemo and three blood transfusions in 1988 at Christie's in Manchester. Little or no support in those days, Drs always puzzled when you described side effects that were happening, thank goodness they have more awareness nowadays, but I'm not complaining, glad for every day since  😀


Craig Thompson

Stage 1 non-seminoma diagnosed in June 2017 after 3 months of going back and forth to the doctors and being told I had an infection despite lefty being twice the size and rock hard. Eventually got sent for an ultrasound which found a 5cm tumour. Luckily it had not spread which is a miracle considering it was non-seminoma. Luckily I'm now 2 years clear without the need for any chemo and I became a dad for the 2nd time last October. I can honestly say without this group I would have been a mess and you guys are amazing. This photo was taken two weeks after my operation with my eldest daughter.


Waynne Vitta

Almost 5 years clear, stage one seminoma. I found checkemlads early in but never joined the support group as I thought I was OK, I was coping..... I wasn't everything was bottled up and I ended up in a bit of a bad way mentally. Finally I decided to join the group and it was the best thing I have ever done. Met some lifelong pals and always making more. Not the best entrance fee (a testicle) but a group full of great people and info provided for people going through all stages of testicular cancer.


Griff Jones

Had it in my right bollock. it had spread to stomach, lungs, and was on its way to my heart! Had blood clots and pneumonia in the same lung as the cancer! Coughing up blood and rushed in to start chemo early! 3 cycles of chemo and all was fine! My support network was superb couldn't have done it without my family and friends! I personally didn't join Check em lads until I was in remission but my mum was on here constantly and it certainly helped her seeing everyone's survivor stories! Here's a pic of me and Prof Clarke from clatterbridge the day I went into remission which is close to 10 years ago! Life's all good now and got two perfect boys aged 4 and 2!


Rachael Gavin

My husband was diagnosed with metastatic seminoma 2010 (missed diagnosis in his 20's when he had encephalitis and the affected lymph node was biopsied then samples reviewed since was seminoma then but new research is linking germ cell tumours with encephalitis) anyway surgery and 3 x cycles BEP has been clear years and discharged from hospital follow up at 5 years x however little or no info at the time and what to expect so wished we knew about check em then x


Joe Fernandez

Going for one year scan on Monday. A year today I started 3 rounds of carboplatin chemo. Reduced dosage for second & third doses. Generally, feel ok. Some fatigue occasionally. Digestion problems often. Hoping for positive 1-year outcomes over all that. Having a group to post in & share stories helps make the journey feel better. Always good to be reminded never alone!


Richard Hamilton

9 years ago now had spread a good bit had a operation then 6 months of chemo our child was only 3 months old at the time and a few years earlier i had lost my younger brother to another long illness was a rough time with turning to the drink for a while but we got through it talking to others in the group and knowing its not just you going through it helped along with the great humor and the great support it all helped


Philly Morris

I am an ex-soldier and first had Testicular cancer in 2004 and set up whilst on chemo, I saw that there was little support for younger men going through testicular cancer. There was no facebook or twitter in them days. Over the years we have made films addressing cancer and tried to give young men and their loved ones a voice and help in any way we can. My cancer returned in 2016 and I was back on chemo for a few months. To much chemo has took its toll and my health is not to great BUT i am still alive and trying still to improve things


Martin Blackburn

15 years clear now! One of the biggest problems for me at the time of diagnosis was the complete lack of info and support out there apart from a small forum on the Orchid cancer website Having found checkemlads a few years ago it's a great help and support being able to talk and listen (and meet!) to lads going and have gone through the same journeys


Chris Barbour

15 years clear now! One of the biggest problems for me at the time of diagnosis was the complete lack of info and support out there apart from a small forum on the Orchid cancer website Having found checkemlads a few years ago it's a great help and support being able to talk and listen (and meet!) to lads going and have gone through the same journeys


Daz Carpenter

Daz, stage 2b non-seminoma, I found checkemlads group whilst scouring for info groups on Facebook. I found the group shortly after I got told I had TC a few questions in the group and use of the search bar I soon realized what I was up against. A few messages and comments from the lads put my mind at ease and I knew what had to be done even whilst going through chemotherapy. I'd be in the hospital receiving comments and tips from the lads made it much more manageable. I'm now out the other side 8 Months all clear and look back at what was an atrocious time in my life but at the time with the support of random guys it made it manageable forever grateful of the group.


Bobby Hardin

 had Stage 1 60% embryonal carcinoma Testicular Cancer. I live in a small rural Kentucky town. I had no knowledge of testicular cancer or cancer treatment when I was diagnosed. I felt alone and depressed for a while having to face my mortality. I heard the "C" word and thought the worst. Checkemlads Support Group gave me tons of information based on experience and not just statistics and data. Every step of the way I had support from the group. It was comforting just talking to people who share the same struggle. Hopefully one day I can use that knowledge to help someone else. Thank you all!


Testicular cancer survivors film

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