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Run by dedicated testicular cancer survivors since 2004

Awareness and support established 2004

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testicular cancer Diagnosis

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testicular cancer Treatment

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Testicular cancer UK is a charity and relies on your kind donations

Quick testicular cancer q&A

Will I have to have the testicle removed?

If your ultrasound scan on the testicle shows a suspected mass (tumor) then yes it's best to have it removed.  The operation is pretty easy and most men are up and about within days, but take it easy of course. The testicle is sent away to see what type of cancer is in there so your oncologist can plan any treatments it's important that it's whipped out!

Do all men diagnosed with testicular cancer need chemo?

Not all, if you've found cancer early then some men with no sign of spread are offered survivance of a number of years. In recent years they are not been as fast to put men on chemotherapy regimes and believe there is no need to subject men to long-term side effects if undeeded. They will keep a close eye on you and act on any recurrence quickly.

Can I still have sex and children after testicular cancer?

Yes, most men can perform sexually after testicular cancer and most men do go on to have children naturally.

During diagnosis of testicular cancer, you will be asked to bank sperm just in case you need to have IVF in the future, but most men find they concieve without needing help!

Some men however if cancer has spread through the body need an operation to remove the lymph nodes that are harboring cancer which can affect sexual performance and also make them infertile, it's rare but unfortunately is part of surviving.

After treatment can cancer come back in the other testicle?

Yes it can, it's rare but it can, it's more common for men who have pure seminoma in the first diagnosis for it to return in the other, which is why it is important to check once a month. in men who do have recurrence the ones who check once a month and report it are most common to not need any treatments

Online testicular cancer friendship and advice group
It's private and run by survivors
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Testicular cancer survival rate is over


what we do


Testicular cancer UK (checkemlads) is a survivor-run support and awareness charity founded in 2004. Our main goal is to help men and their families through testicular cancer with friendship and support with an online group and you can ask for advice on our phone line or one-to-one mentorship.

We also pay a lot of money for awareness across social media, targeting young men so they learn about this cancer and how to check testicles, so please donate if possible.

We also do award-winning FREE testicular cancer and young men's cancer awareness sessions at schools, army bases, and workplaces.

We can also do Zoom or Microsoft online awareness sessions.

You can also browse our website below for information such as diagnosis, symptoms, and films we've made covering many topics.

Please don't be shy about contacting us for any help

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Talk to Phil!

Phil Morris MBE is the founder of testicular cancer UK. He's had testicular cancer twice and has over the years talked to hundreds of men going through testicular cancer and given them advice, explain what could happen, and most of all just some moral support. He's very laid back and a former soldier so get in touch

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It's a difficult time for partners and loved ones when their husband, son, or partner is diagnosed.

Give the advice line a call and speak to Phil.

All men going through Testicular cancer act differently, some go inward and quiet while some can act as though it's " nothing".

Phil can help with advice and what to expect through treatments


Jamie Garrett

My brain was absolutely spinning the week I found out I had testicular cancer and Google was my worst enemy. I had already been put in touch with another charity and everything felt a bit immature, jokey and just a stream of lad based “bollock banter” and felt I had nothing to lose in contacting TCUK. Within 10 minutes Phil had called me and gave me the talking to I really needed. He gave me confidence, reassurance and lift that I really needed. He genuinely listened to me, not selfishly promoting his own experiences but as if he was a mate I’d know for years. That is the culture of the entire TCUK support group. Genuine support at a time when you really need it. It was, and remains to be,my go to resource when I need to know something or needed to feel the support and warmth of people that had been through it before. 

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