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Run by dedicated testicular cancer survivors since 2004

Awareness and support established 2004

Testicular cancer survival rate is over


About Us

Hello and welcome to TCUK

Testicular cancer UK ( checkemlads) is a survivor run support and awareness charity founded in 2004. Our main goal is to help men and their families through testicular cancer with friendship and support with an online group and you can ask for advice on our phone line or one to one mentorship.

We also pay a lot of money for awareness across social media, targeting young men so they learn about this cancer and how to check testicles, so please donate if possible.

We also do award-winning FREE testicular cancer and young men's cancer awareness sessions at schools, army bases and workplaces.

We can also do Zoom or Microsoft online awareness sessions.

You can also browse our website below for information such as diagnosis, symptoms and films we've made covering many topics.

Please don't be shy about contacting us for any help

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HOW TO check testicles

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testicular cancer Diagnosis

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testicular cancer Treatment

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Jamie Garrett

My brain was absolutely spinning the week I found out I had testicular cancer and Google was my worst enemy. I had already been put in touch with another charity and everything felt a bit immature, jokey and just a stream of lad based “bollock banter” and felt I had nothing to lose in contacting TCUK. Within 10 minutes Phil had called me and gave me the talking to I really needed. He gave me confidence, reassurance and lift that I really needed. He genuinely listened to me, not selfishly promoting his own experiences but as if he was a mate I’d know for years. That is the culture of the entire TCUK support group. Genuine support at a time when you really need it. It was, and remains to be,my go to resource when I need to know something or needed to feel the support and warmth of people that had been through it before. 

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