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trying to keep the testicular cancer survival rate above 95%

Testicular cancer UK awareness and support charity run by survivors in the UK

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testicular cancer symptoms

testicular cancer Symptoms 

Signs of testicular cancer

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HOW TO check testicles

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Quick video showing you how to check

testicular cancer Diagnosis

What to expect

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testicular cancer Treatment

How they treat testicular cancer

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testicular cancer  support 

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testicular cancer   chemotherapy

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What to expect

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Welcome to Your Haven for Hope, Friendship, and Advice!

Hello there, and a warm virtual handshake and slap on the back from our community at Testicular Cancer UK, a place crafted by survivors, for survivors, and for everyone touched by the journey of testicular cancer.

At, we understand that facing this diagnosis can be one of life's most unexpected challenges. That's why we've come together as survivors who've triumphed over this battle to offer you a safe place amidst the storm. Our mission is simple: to spread awareness, extend a hand of friendship, and provide valuable advice and support to those walking this path.

Here, you're not alone. You're part of a down-to-earth caring community where stories of strength, resilience, and hope are shared daily. Whether you're here seeking information, looking for a friend who's been there, or eager to contribute your own experiences, you've found the right place. Our journey may have been tough, but it's also been transformative, and we're here to share the wisdom we've gained along the way.


WE DO THIS BECAUSE WE'VE HAD IT and we all have normal daytime jobs, No big fancy office and fancy corporate titles, just lads who want to make a difference. We are here all the time, not just one month a year.

So explore, and don't hesitate to reach out. You're among friends who understand, who've conquered, and who are here to remind you that with determination, support, and a sprinkle of laughter, there's life after testicular cancer. Welcome to our family – we're so glad you're here!

With warmth and camaraderie,


The Team

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Testicular cancer support

Friendly online private support group on Facebook

or you can Talk to Phil!

Phil Morris MBE is the founder of testicular cancer UK. He's had testicular cancer twice and has over the years talked to hundreds of men going through testicular cancer and given them advice, explain what could happen, and most of all just some moral support. He's very laid back and a former soldier so get in touch

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The most common symptoms of testicular cancer are,

Lump on the testicle inside the scrotum

A hard Swelling or shrinking testicle

Less common along with the symptoms above.

Dull ache in the testicle

Lower back pain that does not go away

There are no rules with testicular cancer so get all problems looked at by your Doctor


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so what do testicles do?

 The Importance of Testicles,  yes we mostly makes jokes or use them as an insult,

 They are More Than Just a Punchline!!

Testicles, often the subject of jokes and insults, are indeed much more than just organs ready to create babies. While they play a vital role in reproduction by producing sperm, there's a lot more to these fascinating organs that often go unnoticed.

Beyond Sperm Production:

Testicles, or testes, are not only responsible for sperm production but also play a significant role in hormone production. They are formed from germ cells, just like ovaries in females, making them susceptible to a type of cancer known as germ cell cancer. This highlights their essential function in the male body.

The Significance of Testosterone:

One of the key hormones produced by the testicles is testosterone. This male sex hormone is crucial for male development during puberty and continues to impact everyday life. Testosterone influences various aspects of a man's physical and mental well-being, contributing to their energy levels, mood, and overall vitality. It also plays a vital role in maintaining bone density and muscle mass.

The Interplay of Mental and Physical Well-Being:

Proper functioning testicles are crucial for maintaining mental and physical well-being. While jokes about testicles might continue, it's essential to remember that these little fellas play a significant role in men's lives. Neglecting their health can have serious consequences on a man's overall health and happiness.

Testicles may often be the subject of humour, but it's important to recognise their true significance. They are not only essential for reproduction but also contribute to the hormonal balance that impacts a man's development, energy levels, and mental well-being. So let's not just trivialize them with jokes; instead, let's appreciate and take care of these remarkable organs that contribute to a healthy and fulfilling life.

 testicular cancer q&A

What is the survival rate for testicular cancer?

In recent years the survival rate for testicular cancer is above 95%. More awareness by charities such as ourselves has contributed to getting men checking. Finding it early is key but even if cancer has spread the survival rate is brilliant with over 95 percent still cancer free after  5 years The treatments for testicular cancer are now better than ever. Unfortunately, some men do pass away but the odds of survival are very high.

Are all lumps found in a man's scrotum cancer?

No there are other lumps that can be found in the area, Cysts are common and infections but all lumps should be checked out.

Is there more than one type of testicular cancer?

Yes, some are more aggressive and some can be more common with a man's age but overall with the right treatments and finding it early they have a good survival rate

what is germ cell cancer?

Testicular cancer is a germ cell cancer and so is ovarian cancer in females. Germ cells can only be found in reproduction organs so they are similar.

Is it true testicular cancer is more common in young men and is it rare?

The average age in the UK at present is 28, and it's most common in ages 15 to 40 however, anyone with testicles can be diagnosed. As cancer rates go, it is still relatively rare in the UK with around 2300 men a year being diagnosed. It is however on the increase, in 2004 it was estimated that 1800 men were diagnosed with testicular cancer

Will I have to have the testicle removed?

If your ultrasound scan on the testicle shows a suspected mass (tumor) then yes it's best to have it removed. The operation is pretty easy and most men are up and about within days, but take it easy of course. The testicle is sent away to see what type of cancer is in there so your oncologist can plan any treatments it's important that it's removed.

Do all men diagnosed with testicular cancer need chemo?

Not all, if you've found cancer early then some men with no sign of spread are offered survivance for a number of years. In recent years they are not been as fast to put men on chemotherapy regimes and believe there is no need to subject men to long-term side effects if unneeded. They will keep a close eye on you and act on any recurrence quickly.

Can a pregnancy test detect testicular cancer?

Yes, BUT it can only detect a certain type of testicular cancer, there are a few different types so the only sure way to diagnose it is to go and see a doctor