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Testicular cancer has a very high survival rate of over 95 percent even in advanced stages of the cancer spreading.

There are different types of testicular cancer, some more aggressive than the other but almost all can be stopped with the removal of the testicle and then some may need the use of Chemotherapy. In almost all cases the testicle will be removed once diagnosed.

The average age for a man to be diagnosed with Testicular cancer is 26, Young children have been diagnosed with Testicular cancer right through to men in their 80's, but overall almost 90 per cent of men diagnosed are aged between 15 and 45.

Testicular cancer is an aggressive germ cell cancer similar to ovarian cancer in women.

Prof  Lawrence Einhorn from Indiana university invented a chemotherapy that turned a high mortality cancer into one of the most survivable in the 1970s.

Most men now due to better awareness of their health find testicular cancer early and need very little treatment.

Most men can still father children after treatment and have a normal life.

This website is to help you understand what will happen if you or a loved one or friend is diagnosed. We know being diagnosed is a frighting time, we understand, we had it.

Checkemlads Testicular cancer UK was established in 2004 and is run by survivors, we have online films, and a great support and friendship group . 

Please click the menu for more info on treatments, diagnosis and we have some great films we have made over the years. If you would like a private chat then Phil Morris who set up Checkemlads TC wilst on chemo in 2004 can be contacted for a chat.

There's lots of advice on our pages or we have our online private facebook group which is manned by many survivors from across the globe. They won't laugh or judge. join anytime and leave anytime


You can also talk privately  to Phil who has had testicular cancer twice and has years of experience talking to men diagnosed  via phone or facetime

Please text a message and your phone number and when is the best time to call you back . UK only for phone support. 

07479 532146


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