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Testicular cancer is rare but on the increase. It is a form of germ cell cancer similar to ovarian cancer in women. Although it can affect men of all ages it is more common in men aged 15 to 40.

At present, there are around 2400 cases in the UK every year so it is still classed as a rare type of cancer. Although it is an aggressive form of cancer almost 95 percent of men survive past 5 years.

Almost all cases will need to have the testicle removed.

Some men have to have small amounts of chemotherapy treatments while some have to have long periods, but the majority find it early and just removing the testicles is all that's needed.

In a very small amount of cases both testicles have to be removed, But overall although it is a very traumatic experience and it can take time to recover from Testicular cancer most men go on to have normal lives.

Some men have testicular cancer a second time in their life, it is rare but almost all survive the second time around.   Click menu for in-depth info!

Testicular cancer has a survival rate of 95% but it can be a bumpy road to get there. We are here to try and help


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Darren, Birmingham

Top lads always there to give experienced advice and the support when needed you can feel down or feel OK and still speak to these lads no judgement they know what your going through as most have been through it themselves can't rate them highly enough I'd go as far as saying they are lifesavers

Martin, Wirral

these guys have helped guide me thru my treatment, they have answered my questions and called me to check i was doing ok. this isn't a charity its a family. thanks for everything

Seb, Windsor

Really helpful and understanding. If you feel alone these guys really help with advice and understand how it feels. I really am grateful for their help


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