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 Testicular CANCER UK         


RUN BY dedicated and PASSIONate survivors from the uk

testicular cancer help phone line

Testicular cancer has a survival rate of over 95%


Although men of all ages can get testicular cancer it's mostly younger men, the average age is 28. Still classed as a rare cancer it is on the increase in the UK and unfortunately is mostly younger men who are too shy to go to the doctor or even check their own testicles. If found early testicular cancer is almost always treated with just removing the testicle.

Testicular cancer UK is run by passionate survivors who raise awareness and man a support group and phone line. This website is full of information you might need and also you can contact us for a chat if needed.

Finding it early is always a good start

WE CAN'T TELL YOU IF A LUMP OR SWELLING IS CANCER. You must report all lumps or problems with testicles to your doctor.

HOW TO check testicles

Quick video showing you how to check

Symptoms testicular cancer

What are the symptoms?


What to expect


How they treat testicular cancer

going through chemotherapy


It's ok, its cancer its expected


What to expect


We know you go through it with us.

Testicular cancer UK films


testicular cancer and mental health

Being told you have testicular cancer can stop life in its tracks and most men when they are told they have testicular cancer will agree that for a good while after you feel numb and all of a sudden mortal. Cancer happens to other people and surely I am too young to have cancer? ( testicular cancers average age is 35).

Thinking "I'm going to die" is a normal reaction 

Men also feel that life has stopped and felt that the normal daily routine just flys past because you are thinking "cancer" from the minute you wake until the minute you get back to sleep at night.


Testicular cancer awareness talks

We do a BRILLIANT testicular and o male cancer online talks via zoom of face to face at schools or work places

They are funny and easy to watch BUT everyone will learn a great deal about the symptoms of cancer

hosted by Phil Morris MBE

"Philly was brilliant"