testicular cancer symptoms

Testicles, other wise known by most of us as Balls,Bollocks, swingers, love spuds, bath testers!!....

Yep we have them and we need to keep an eye on them.


One does hang a bit lower  and one is slightly bigger than the other. 

The ache from time to time, they can get sat on from time to time which as you know can be painful. We often get a kick or a knock which is also painful.

We only mention them in jokes or use as a sort of insult, 

But they actually have a job which is as you know to produce sperm but they also produce hormones, yes us men have hormones!

The main ones called Testosterone and the little fellas are churning out this vital hormone from the day you're born .

Let's crack on with the testicle jokes but lets take the serious now and then, once a month when checking is best time to do that.

On a final note, please remember when  people say " grow some balls" is used that some of the bravest men we know  HAVE LOST THEIRS!