Testicles, why do we have them and what do they do?. We know we have them but pretty much ignore them for most of the day.

We all start in the womb as girls which is why we have breasts, we then turn into boys and  testicles develop, and the testicles start to produce male hormones as soon as they develop.

They hang outside of the body to keep them at a cooler temperature. As you know when it's cold they can come up towards the body to keep them warm and after a hot bath or shower they drop away to try and cool down,

One testicle hangs a bit lower than the other and is slightly bigger.

We as men pretty much don't know what goes on inside there BUT allot is actually happening 24 hours a day.

Testicles have two main jobs, sperm AND hormones.

They produce androgens ( male hormones )  and the main hormone is Testosterone which has been demonised over the years!

How often do we see in the press or media "testosterone fulled violence" or hear of testosterone drugs sports cheats, you see what i mean, nothing positive is ever said about this important male hormone


Testosterone is in fact vital to men as it helps with regulating cholesterol, insulin and many other things we need for our daily life. 

Testicles also of course produce sperm. That we need to make a baby!

Men should know more about why they are important as testicles are only used for jokes,  or phrases like " grow some balls"

Testicular health is vital for men.  Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up, stay hydrated and plenty of green vegetables and fruit. Don't have baths too hot .

We as men SHOULD take them seriously as they are VITAL to good health and well being