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Darren Scott, Ireland 

I started my cancer journey alone and it wasn't until after chemo that my wife found out about you, she recommended you, but I wasn't interested... because I thought it was going to be the same old nonsense... uninformed people who really haven't got a clue about cancer, talking to survivors... but I couldn't have been more wrong... you guys gave me the most incredible support and have guided me through my entire journey with a TRUE understanding... survivors, supporting survivors. Without you, I would not be the man I am today... stronger, happier, and healthier than ever before. Massive thanks xx

Daz Carpenter, Birmingham 

Top lads always there to give experienced advice and the support when needed you can feel down or feel OK and still speak to these lads with no judgment they know what your going through as most have been through it themselves can't rate them highly enough I'd go as far as saying they are life savers

Martin Parker, Wirral

these guys have helped guide me through my treatment, they have answered my questions and called me to check if I was doing ok. this isn't a charity it's a family. thanks for everything

William Moore, Coventry 

Bloody brilliant! Supportive, helpful knowledgeable, and down right amazing. It would have been 10 times harder getting through this without them.

Jane Langton , Cheshire,

This charity has been a massive support to my son both during and after his operation and treatment.

Steve Moore, London

I was feeling I was getting nowhere and had been given the run around by docs & urologists. Was pointed in the direction of Philly & checkemlads, the advice & knowledge of the guys on here r the next 2 none. Even though I have a family who supports me I still felt all alone with no1 to talk to but now that I have interacted with the guys on here I don’t feel so alone any more thankyou guys hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel

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