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Geting through chemotherapy

Advice for Bep and EP chemo

Firstly, one-word "water", BEP/EP chemo can be hard work and can affect the kidneys so it's good to stay hydrated. A small glass of water every hour will help with kidney function and keep them happy. It's especially important to keep this up after you've finished. Let's face it, water is good for us even if you are not on chemo so try and stick with it.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Constipation is common whilst on chemo so try and increase your bran intake, cereals such as Bran flakes and AllBran. 

Muesli Alpine is also very good even for lunch or dinner.

Steamed vegetables such as cauliflower and Broccoli are perfect, if you can make vegetable soups and some brown bread then you are getting all the goodness without clogging yourself up.

Most meats are fine but try to have smaller portions and cut the meat up so its easier to swallow and digest.


Fruit and fruit juice are great but be aware that you can suffer from tummy acid on chemo so if you find this happens are juice then try multivitamins instead and drink water, just until you've finished treatment at least

your immune system on chemo really does drop so it's wise to avoid his risk food poisoning food such as shellfish and eggs.

Some men on chemo find they get cravings similar to a women going through pregnancy, some men even eat things they always hated before!

Final tip from us, If a pizza or a kebab would put a big fat smile on your face whilst chemo..... GET IT DOWN YA


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